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Amazon Sparks EV Revolution: Launches First Rivian Vans in Europe

Amazon, the e-commerce powerhouse, is initiating a green transition in Europe by introducing electric delivery vans made by Rivian, an American EV manufacturer.

Amazon Rivian Vans
Amazon Rivian Vans

Amazon and Rivian Join Forces for Greener Deliveries

Amazon has recently announced plans to introduce the first of its Rivian electric vans to Europe. The e-commerce titan, in partnership with Rivian, a U.S. electric vehicle manufacturer, is committed to a greener future and is making strides toward this goal by progressively electrifying its transportation network across the globe.

A Fleet of 300 Electric Vans Hitting German Roads

The first phase of this rollout will take place in Germany, where Amazon plans to deploy 300 electric vans. These vehicles are part of a massive 100,000-vehicle order that Amazon placed with Rivian in 2019. The selected regions for the initial deployment include Munich, Berlin, and Dusseldorf. Amazon, being the largest shareholder in Rivian, has shown a keen interest in promoting sustainable transport solutions.

Rivian's Compact Vans: A Perfect Fit for European Cities

To adapt to the European landscape, Amazon and Rivian have developed a specialized van model that is shorter and narrower than its American counterpart. The unique design of these vans will allow them to navigate more easily through the narrow streets of Europe's cities.

Amazon's Billion-Euro Commitment to Electrification in Europe

Amazon has earmarked a whopping 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) towards the electrification of its fleet in Europe. Germany, being at the forefront of the initiative, has been allocated 400 million euros of this investment. This action underscores Amazon's commitment to its environmental sustainability goals.

Amazon's Successful Rivian Van Rollout in the U.S.

Before this European venture, Amazon had already initiated the rollout of Rivian vans in the United States. The online retailer has more than 3,000 of these electric vans delivering packages in over 500 cities and regions across the U.S. Amazon's ambitious goal is to have 100,000 Rivian vehicles in its global fleet by 2030, significantly contributing to its carbon-neutral objectives.