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Amazon Revamps Logistics Network for Speedier Deliveries & Higher Profits Inc. has restructured its logistics network to minimize the distance packages travel, aiming to expedite deliveries and increase profitability, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

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Delivery Times were Shortened, and Inventory Management Transformed

The online retailer's initiatives have not only decreased delivery times but also revolutionized inventory management and altered the search results customers encounter on Amazon's primary e-commerce site. This information comes from company executives, analysts, and sellers who list their products on the platform.

Online Retailers Cut Costs Amid Sluggish Consumer Demand

As consumer demand remains weak, other online retailers are also striving to reduce expenses associated with home deliveries and product returns.

Amazon Offers a $10 Incentive for In-Store Pickup

This week, Amazon announced a $10 incentive for U.S. customers to pick up their purchases in-store instead of opting for home delivery. The company is implementing various measures to decrease delivery-related costs as it tightens its belt following a period of rapid expansion.

Amazon Yet to Comment on Logistics Overhaul

Amazon has not immediately responded to a Reuters request for comment regarding the recent changes to its logistics network.