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Alibaba Holds Fast: Declines Participation in Ant Group's Share Buyback

The online retail behemoth, Alibaba, has confirmed its decision to maintain its shareholding in Ant Group, declining to join the affiliate's proposed share buyback.

Alibaba logo
Alibaba logo

Alibaba's Affirmative Stance on Ant Group's Shareholding

Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA), a global leader in the e-commerce industry, declared on Sunday that it will not be participating in the proposed repurchase of shares from its affiliate, Ant Group. Despite this, the company stated its intention to retain its existing shareholding in the firm.

Ant Group's Buyback and Regulatory Fines

Earlier this month, Ant Group sprung a surprise share buyback on its equity interest, amounting to approximately 7.6%. The announcement came just a day after the group was handed a massive $984 million fine by Beijing, accusing it of violating various laws and regulations.

Alibaba and Ant Group: A Long-Standing Alliance

Online retail titan Alibaba, which spearheaded the separation of Ant Group around 12 years ago, continues to hold a significant 33% stake in the company.

A Light at the End of Regulatory Crackdown?

The recent fine imposed on Ant Group has ignited hopes among many that the extended regulatory crackdown on the company might finally be coming to a close. Such an outcome could potentially pave the way for Ant Group to acquire a financial holding company license, refocus on its growth trajectory, and ultimately, revive its aspirations for a stock market listing.