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Alameda Seeks $446M in Crypto from Voyager

Alameda Research, a defunct crypto trading firm, is seeking to recover $446 million in crypto transferred to bankrupt lender Voyager Digital. This comes amid Alameda's bankruptcy process.

Voyager logo
Voyager logo

The Lawsuit Against Voyager Digital and HTC Trading

A complaint was filed Monday against Voyager Digital and HTC Trading, alleging that Alameda repaid all of its outstanding loans to Voyager after the lender filed for bankruptcy last July. Some of these loans still needed to mature. The complaint stated that Voyager and other cryptos "lenders" fueled Alameda's alleged misconduct by funding the firm.

Question on Valid Liens and Collateral

Alameda's lawyers claim in the filing that they have yet to determine if Voyager held a valid and effective lien or security interest in the collateral for loans made to Alameda in the form of various cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and ether. The firm is asking a court to rule the transfers as "avoidable preferential transfers" and award Alameda no less than $445.8 million.