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Air India Grounds Crew for Handling Unruly Passengers

Air India suspends crew for handling unruly passengers on flights.

Air India Passenger Aircraft
Air India Passenger Aircraft

Air India has suspended one pilot and four cabin crew members. At the same time, it investigates the handling of unruly passengers on flights from New York to Delhi in November and Paris to Delhi in December. The airline faced criticism from India's aviation regulator after a male passenger urinated on a female co-passenger while inebriated on the November flight. Air India CEO Campbell Wilson acknowledged that the airline could have handled the situation better and pledged to take action and improve its response to such incidents, including reviewing policies and reporting processes.

The male passenger involved in the November incident was terminated by his employer, Wells Fargo, and has been arrested by Indian police. Air India will cooperate fully with affected passengers, regulators, and law enforcement. The airline's top priority is providing a safe environment for customers and crew and operating in compliance with all laws and regulations.