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Air Canada Pilots Ready for Groundbreaking Wage Negotiations

Air Canada's pilots are set to undertake impactful salary negotiations this summer, aiming for unprecedented gains.

Scheduled passenger aircraft of Air Canada
Scheduled passenger aircraft of Air Canada

End of a Decade-Long Contract with Air Canada Pilots

After a ten-year stint, Air Canada's pilots collectively decided to end their contract framework. This conclusion paves the way for intensive negotiations this summer, according to an internal note shared with the pilot union members, which Reuters subsequently obtained.

Air Canada Pilots Eye Historic Wage Increases

The pilots at Air Canada have previously expressed their intention to secure significant wage enhancements. Their primary goal is to bridge the pay disparity between them and their counterparts at the leading U.S. airlines, hinting at the magnitude of the expected negotiations.

Air Canada Yet to Respond to the Announcement

The airline's official response to this unfolding situation remains unknown as of the reporting time. Air Canada could not provide an immediate comment when reached for their statement.