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Updates from 7.9 Magnitude Earthquake in Turkey

A magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck southern Turkey on February 6, 2023. The earthquake was felt in neighboring countries, including Cyprus, Lebanon, and Syria.

Building destroyed by earthquake
Building destroyed by earthquake

Severe Damage and Tsunami Threat

The German Research Centre for Geosciences reported that the quake struck at a depth of 10 km near the southern Turkish city of Kahramanmaras. The European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) monitors the situation and evaluates the tsunami threat. The earthquake caused severe damage and destroyed several buildings in Turkey and Syria.

Impact on Residents

Residents in affected areas ran into the streets for safety as the earthquake shattered windows and collapsed buildings. People in Damascus, Beirut, and Tripoli felt the earthquake's impact, with many leaving their homes for fear of further collapses. A resident in Damascus reported that paintings fell from the walls of their home.

Building destroyed by earthquake
Building destroyed by earthquake

Response from Authorities

Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) put the earthquake's magnitude at 7.4 near Kahramanmaras and Gaziantep. The governor of Turkey's southeastern province of Sanliurfa, Salih Ayhan, tweeted about the destruction and urged people to move to safe locations. The head of the Turkish Red Cross is mobilizing resources and has urged people to evacuate damaged homes.

Frequent Earthquakes in the Area

The region is regularly hit by strong earthquakes, making it prone to frequent seismic activity.